Vollure Breast Cream

Vollure Breast CreamWhen it comes to breast creams not all of them are created equal, in fact there are so many products out there claiming fantastic looking breasts by simply applying a breast cream, sure some can be very effective and while effectiveness is very important, so are the ingredients, for a breast cream to work it needs to be applied for an extended period of time, usually three months or more which is why it is important to find one with good clean ingredients.

Vollure breast cream is a quality product that can help women not only increase the size of their breasts, it can also firm and lift the breasts without harsh side effects, most women can expect to see an increase of anywhere from 6 % to 8% in size in around 30 days. Women who are looking for firmer more lifted breasts will also benefit from using Vollure.

Vollure breast cream chart

What makes Vollure different

For one their breast cream has been clinically proven, unlike other products Vollure actually has statistical proof of the product’s effectiveness,  the other thing that we like about Vollure is it is Paraben free which unlike other breast creams it can be used every day without wondering if it may cause any side effects in the future.


Many herbal enhancement creams sold may contain estrogen boosting properties whereas Vollure has a more subtle combination of ingredients developed to firm, lift and slightly enlarge your breasts. => Learn more about Vollure

macadamiaoilMacadamia nut oil, not only are macadamia healthy they also have a high concentration of quality oils that include monounsaturated fatty acids as well as palmitoleic acid, the macadamia also contains potassium, phosphorus and calcium, the natural oil has quality moisturisers to make the breasts smoother and prevent breast tissue from aging.

Sarsapogenin is an extract from the roots of a botanical plant found in Asia called Anemarrhena Asphodeloides this stimulates tissue growth in the breast.

Macelignan is a natural chemical that is produced by the nutmeg nut which also stimulates fat cell production in the breasts.

Vollure contains no alcohol derivatives so if you are truly concerned about what you apply on your breasts this is probably one of the safest products out there.

The only downside to the product is its price, a one month supply cost just under $70.00 obviously buying more the product in volume does somewhat reduce the price.

Who should consider using Vollure

Any woman over the age of 21 can benefit from this product it will add volume and fullness and offer a significant increase in bust size, Vollure is also a great option for older women looking to reduce sagging and possible wrinkles that occur because of age, this product is definitely a good alternative to give your breasts a healthier and more youthful look.

The cons of Vollure

One thing that I did not like about the Vollure website is that at the time of my review it contained several spelling errors,  which for some this may be an immediate flag to not consider buying their product, however for many it will just be overlooked and hopefully those spelling errors will be corrected soon.

The other downside to Vollure is that you only have 7 days after you receive the product to cancel and return the product which realistically is not enough to see if the product will work for you, most breast creams really do require at least 3 weeks to see significant results.


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