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Total CurveThere are many breast enlargement creams that deserve credit for the results they can offer, however many products try to over sell the customer on the benefits that an average breast cream can not deliver.

I wanted to do a review on Total Curve™, it is not one of the newer breast creams,  but it was one of the very first breast creams I used. I can honestly say I never had any complaints, it delivered exactly what it promised. It gave my breasts more volume and sagging was noticeably much less after a few weeks of use.

Realistic results

Most breast cream company’s boast about how big your breasts will become with their product, Total Curve on the other hand delivers very realistic and expected results.

The Total Curve™ slogan is (give yourself a natural bust lift!) which essentially it does, Volufiline naturally increases fatty tissue growth in the breast making them much fuller and firmer.

Total Curve is what I would consider  effective breast enhancement therapy for your breasts, it includes a firming/lifting gel and an herbal supplement that is taken daily, this two part system works internally and externally at the same time.

The supplement contains a special formula to increase phytoestrogen levels, believe it or not the size and fullness of your breasts are impacted by the presence of hormone levels in your body, shifting estrogen levels can sometimes make your breasts look fuller and other times flat.

The supplement stimulates estrogen production, increasing the fullness of your breasts, some ingredients in the supplement include natural antioxidants your body requires, there is also an important mix of herbs in Total Curve to help regulate hormone levels.

Total Curve before and after pictures

The Total Curve lifting and firming gel works like other breast creams.  Volufiline contains sarsasapogenin which stimulates lipogenesis, what this does in simple terms is interacts with the fatty tissue in your breasts,  causing the fat cells to grow in size and in quantity which is what adds volume to the breast. >>Learn more about Total Curve™ <<

Breast Growth statistics with Volufiline

To give you an idea of how well Volufiline works, a clinical study was performed for a period of 56 days on 32 women between the ages of 18 and 35, the women applied Volufiline to one breast twice a day, the breast with Volufiline saw a size increase anywhere between 1.4% and 6.6%, after 56 days the increase was between 3.2% and 8.4 %.

Breast size increase chart with Volufiline

While the increase varied, it just goes to show that some women are more sensitive to Volufiline and react differently to phytoestrogens, on average it would be safe to say that most women can expect an increase of around 6% over a 60 day period which is still significant.

The ingredients in Total Curve are all  natural, for those who are concerned about parabens I will point out that the firming gel does have something called methylparaben, not to be confused with propylparaben, methylparaben is an antifungal used in most cosmetics and is easily eliminated by the body, whereas propylparabens are not absorbed by the body and are not eliminated easily, so it is safe to say that Total Curve can be used for a prolonged period of time without side effects.

How much does it cost

A one month supply of Total Curve costs $69.95 this includes the cream and the supplement, a three month supply costs $179.95 and a six month supply costs $299.95 the company does offer a risk free 60 day money back guarantee. >See pricing graph below<

Who should consider using Total Curve

Any woman over the age of 21 can benefit from using Total Curve, it was designed to increase breast size and ad extra volume and fullness to your breasts, women who suffer from sagging or drooping breasts and want to firm them up will also benefit from Total Curve. >>Learn more about Total Curve™ <<


One thing I really do like about Total Curve is that you can still place an order the old fashioned way, by phone, fax or mail, which for some that might be more convenient, it will obviously take longer to process, otherwise you can place your order online using all major credit cards or with PayPal.

If you do decide on Total Curve we do recommend purchasing it from their official website to ensure you get a fresh product plus you can take advantage of any special offers and promotions they may have at the time of purchase.

Order Total Curve

All and all Total Curve is reasonably priced and is worth the money, its much cheaper in the long run than trying to nickel and dime yourself with some of those generic bust lift creams that offer little or no value.

Total Curve Prices

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