Brestrogen Review

BrestrogenWhen Brestrogen first came out I was amazed at how fast and popular the product became, the origin of this breast serum replaced a previously sold product sold by Smith Myers Labs that carried the name Triactol, Triactol sold for several years but was later discontinued and replaced with Brestrogen, the difference is it contains higher amounts of Pueraria Mirifica offering women a practical way to increase their breast size.

What you get

Brestrogen is an herbal  breast serum and comes in a 50 ml airless spray bottle, it is odorless and absorbs quickly into the skin, the main ingredient in this product is a herb called Pueraria Mirifica which is commonly found in Thailand. Brestrogen  works on the basis of increasing phytoestrogens levels,  when the cream is applied directly to the breast it stimulates tissue growth and increasing the size of the underlying milk ducts,  the end result is bigger,  firmer and more lifted breasts.

The official website claims women will see an increase of up to two cup sizes larger over a period of 6 months,  one cup larger can be achieved in less than 3 months. Most women including myself have seen a solid increase of 1 1/2  cup size larger.

As with any breast cream, results will vary, but you should expect to see a definite increase in size within 7 weeks.  Brestrogen is not only good for increasing volume it is also a good product for women looking to reduce sagging breasts. I know some women struggle from over exposure to the sun which can make the breast skin very dry, Brestrogen has plenty of added moisturizers to help skin texture and make the breasts smoother.

How safe is it

Brestrogen is safe for prolonged use and is paraben free,  in fact, the Brestrogen Ingredientsingredients in Brestrogen are no more harmful than that of the cosmetics you use on a daily basis. The ingredients are clearly marked on the label which include.

  • Pueraria Mirifica ” Active ingredient”
  • Butylene Glycol
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Ethylhexyglycerin
  • Yellow # 4 and #5 Tartrazine
  • Acetate (Vitamin E)

Application and use

Brestrogen is used by spraying two to three drops of the serum onto each breast, you then gently massage it in until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin, you can do this twice a  day morning and evening after a bath or shower,  it will not leave any oily residue.


Brestrogen is within range of most other products and for a one month supply which is one 50 ml bottle it runs $124.95 U.S.D the more you buy the cheaper it is,  if you make a purchase of 3 boxes you get the 4th box free working out to around $85.00 a box.


Brestrogen comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is very reasonable and within a months time most women will know if it’s right for them which still gives you 15 days to return  the product.


The only precaution is that the product should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, but otherwise any woman 21 or older can safely use Brestrogen.


As far as we know there have been no issues shipping this product, Brestrogen has offices in the U.S and in Scotland and ships to most countries.

Click here to visit the official Brestrogen Website

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