Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

The benefits of Pueraria Mirifica offers women more than just bigger breasts, learn more aboutĀ the health benefits of this plant.

Pueraria Mirifica, (Kwao Krua Plant) is popularly known around the world for its breast enlargement properties. Pueraria Mirifica is commonly found in Thailand and is called the elixir of youth.

Besides it’s rejuvenating properties, science found that consuming moderate amounts of Pueraria Mirifica had a positive impact on increasing the size of women’s breasts, it does this by naturally increasing estrogen levels. Pueraria Mirifica has also been used for decades in medical science as a female hormone supplement.

Pueraria Mirifica Plant

The benefits of Pueraria Mirifica are as follows:

1. Make women’s breasts bigger: This is the main reason why women use this supplement, i.e. for their breasts to grow in size. Since it helps in regenerating the collagen fibers in and around the breasts, the breasts do grow slowly and naturally and they become much fuller and firmer. Most popular breast creams contain concentrated amounts of Pueraria Mirifica which is what makes them effective for breast enlargement.

2. Better hair: In the same research which discovered the breast enlargement properties in Pueraria Mirifica, it also saw that those women who consumed around 800 milligrams of it every day, suffered from reduced hair loss, graying slowed down and their hair was less brittle as well. This extract has the properties to regenerate the nutrients on the scalp which in turn, rejuvenates the properties in your hair to a beautiful, long and silky one.

3. Skin: Pueraria Mirifica stimulates collagen production in the skin, which in turn, makes the skin firm, smooth and glowing which makes you look younger than your age. Thus, many anti-ageing skin creams use this as an active ingredient in their skin creams for treatment. Again, due to its anti-ageing properties, it makes your breast firm and beautiful naturally. This is truly beneficial for women since they love having beautiful a beautiful skin and look young as well.

4. Vaginal physical condition: Pueraria Mirifica increases vaginal lubrication considerably, which increases the intensity of pleasure during sexual intercourse for both the partners and it works even after menopause when vaginal lubrication decreases rapidly. It also keeps the vagina healthy by providing it nourishment and keeping its collagens in a good condition. Researchers have also discovered that it increases your libido too.

5. Calcium Retention in Bones: Pueraria Mirifica has an active compound called estrogen, which helps human bones to retain its calcium, or else, if the volume of calcium decreases, they are prone to get fractured or break easily with even small accidents. With strong bones, you can keep on living your normal life as usual without worrying about any consequences with the bones in your body since bone density would remain intact.

6. Menopause treatment: Pueraria Mirifica is a natural medicine for menopause, and it reduces problems like sleep disorders or hot flashes which many women go through during their menopause. Excessive sweating, tension or depression, whatever the problem is caused during menopause, everything is treated and healed in no time.

7. Controls Breast Cancer: Studies have found that Pueraria Mirifica regulates and decreases the production and growth of cancerous cells in our body, especially breasts. Even though this could be less effective as well since this has just been studied and not confirmed and neither is it used for the treatment of Breast Cancer.


As you can see Pueraria Mirifica can not only make your breasts bigger, it also offers a variety of overlooked benefits that can help make women look younger and regulate hormone levels with no side effects.

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